Hydraulic system maintenance process of concrete pump truck

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Concrete pump truck

Maintenance process

1. Park the pump truck in the open space, raise the support leg well, and raise the big arm to 60°.

2. After the oil temperature of the hydraulic system rises to the working temperature, turn off the engine and then open the unloading ball valve (the ball valve must be opened for pressure relief before any repair and maintenance of the pump car, otherwise there may be accidents) to release the energy storage pressure of concrete pump accessories.

3 Open the ball valve at the bottom of the hydraulic oil tank to discharge the hydraulic oil in the oil tank. At the same time, unscrew the low exhaust screw plug of the main oil pump to discharge the remaining oil and the remaining oil in the oil suction pipeline.

4. Clean up the filling port and surrounding area of the hydraulic oil tank, open all cleaning ports of the hydraulic oil, and clean the oil tank.

5. All high-pressure filters, cleaning mounting seat and concrete pump accessories filter element oil cup should be installed.

6 Tighten the bleed screw of the main oil pump of concrete pump accessories, and cover the side cover of the oil tank.

7 Connect the oil filter car to the rod cavity at the front end of the main oil cylinder of the concrete accessories, disassemble the cover plate of the hydraulic oil filling port, and fill the new filtered oil into the oil tank.

8 Open the screw plug of high level exhaust gas of the injection pump and boom pump of concrete pump accessories until new oil flows out in a column, and tighten the screw plug.

9 Disassemble one end of the multiway valve return oil pipe, guide the oil pipe into an oil drum, after hoisting, idle the concrete pump accessories multiway valve boom handle to make each arm cylinder from one end to the other end, remove the old oil in the boom cylinder, and then turn off the fire to reconnect the rubber hose.

10 Close the unloading ball valve, set the pumping displacement to low, and idle the chassis speed from low to high for one minute.

11. Adjust the displacement of the pump car to large, and run the pump for 2 hours for test.

12 Shut down, open the unloading ball valve, remove the oil filter cart, and restore the pumping system.

13 Pay attention to oil supplement, after normal operation, observe whether the hydraulic oil is in the specified position, otherwise it should be added to the low oil standard line


If the concrete pump truck can work normally, it is inseparable from the maintenance of the hydraulic system. If it is not maintained, the equipment is easy to break down and be scrapped. The key to the operation of the concrete pump truck is good maintenance. In order to improve the construction safety, efficiency and economy, so as to facilitate the use of pump truck working life becomes longer, we need to do a regular and correct maintenance.

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