How to install and use elevator shaft distributor

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Elevator shaft distributor is a kind of concrete conveying distributor equipment needed when high-rise buildings are poured, and it is also a climbing distributor in the elevator shaft. It mainly relies on the space of the elevator shaft to place the distributor.

Easy to use and safe, the following to understand the elevator shaft distributor function and usage.

Elevator shaft distributor

As can be seen from the figure, the cloth machine is placed on the floor at the beginning of the cloth, but the column depends on the wall in the elevator shaft as the force point. Generally, when looking at the cloth machine using the project, the manufacturer should first ask the floor weight.

Just for safe use, so not all floors can use the cloth machine.

Internal climbing distributor

At present, many high-rise floors are using hydraulic elevator shaft climbing cloth machine, why the use of hydraulic cloth machine, let's understand the benefits of hydraulic cloth machine!

A construction project manpower and material resources are huge, many projects will appear personnel shortage phenomenon, if a cloth machine needs several people to complete so the consumption of manpower is more than worth the loss.

For another idea, if the use of remote wireless remote control of the cloth machine, how much will we reduce the cost, for high-rise buildings are high altitude operation, safety we should first consider.

Internal climbing distributor

A person can complete the operation of the cloth machine, we will not choose more than one person to operate, there are only two reasons: 1, safety concerns, the floor is full of steel, many people will produce their own actions, but there will be a safety accident,

That's what everyone doesn't want. 2. It is easy to consider that each has its own work. What one person can accomplish will not be done by two people.

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