Concrete pump truck boom extension need to pay attention to what matters

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1. In the working process of the concrete pump truck, in order to ensure the safety of construction, it is necessary to pay attention to the operation of the boom only after the leg of the concrete pump truck has been properly supported. In the process of operating the boom, it must be carried out in strict accordance with the order of the manual. If there is an abnormal action in the operation of the boom, the emergency stop button should be pressed immediately. The cause should be identified and ruled out by professionals before continuing to use.

Concrete pump truck

2. Pay attention to risk aversion

The boom shall not be used when operating a concrete pump truck, regardless of thunderstorm or inclement weather conditions. The boom cannot be operated in weather with winds greater than force 8. In addition, the danger of electric shock should be careful when working near the high voltage line, and the safe distance between the boom and the wire should be ensured. Because the boom is below the dangerous area, it is necessary to avoid the concrete or other parts falling and hurting people. In the whole process of operating the boom, the boom should be in the operator's field of vision.

3. Pay attention to the requirements of the end hose

Concrete pump truck

During the operation of the concrete pump truck, the end hose shall not be allowed to stand within the specified scope, and the concrete pump truck shall not guide the end hose when it starts pumping. It may swing to injure people or spray concrete to cause accidents. The danger zone when starting the pump is the area around the end hose swing. The area diameter is about twice the length of the end hose. The end hose length is 3 meters and the hazard zone diameter is 6 meters. Remember not to bend the end hose and do not put the end hose into the concrete.

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