The concrete pump is installed in sixteen steps

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Concrete transfer pump

1. Strictly implement the safety protection standards and common problems in the Equipment Operation (Application) and Maintenance Manual.

B. Check the equipment comprehensively before operation, install it to meet the technical standard, and pipe distribution is accurate; The joint must be securely connected and sealed safely and reliably; Mechanical equipment with tires should be raised flat pad; Long distance or height operation, must have professional command, clear contact signal. Antiwear hydraulic oil, grease (and grease), working voltage must meet the standard.

⒊ DC electric motor, check whether the steering is accurate, such as the motor should be reversed. The instrument panel shows whether everything is normal. When the temperature is low, air transport should be carried out for a period of time. Only when the temperature of the anti-wear hydraulic oil rises above 20℃, can the charging concrete pump be started. Before concrete pumping, the oil amount of the main hydraulic pump can be adjusted to the maximum, and the hopper can be filled with enough water to run empty for 10 minutes to check whether the system pressure, mixing device and concrete pumping action are normal.

(4) Concrete pumping concrete should first add cement mortar wetting pipe, the use of 0.5m³/ 200 meters, its ratio of 1∶1(sand: cement), concrete pumping cement mortar when the hydraulic pump displacement should be adjusted to a small, concrete pumping cement mortar is completed, and then poured into the concrete pumping (the displacement adjusted to the appropriate location).

When concrete pumping, the concrete collapse fluctuation can not be too large (the transformation range can not be higher than 15%), if the concrete collapse is too low, not directly add water mixing in the hopper, should be added in the concrete mixer cement mortar (its water-cement ratio should be the same as concrete) after mixing evenly discharged into the mixing hopper.

Concrete towing pump

If there is any separation of concrete into the hopper, it will stop concrete pumping, and it will be pumped after mixing well. If the aggregate separation is serious and the mortar in the hopper is seriously insufficient, part of the aggregate should be removed and cement mortar should be added to mix again; If necessary, remove all the concrete in the hopper and distribution valve.

7. Contact the front hose operator when starting or stopping concrete pumping. The bending radius of the front hose should be greater than 1 meter. The operator should not stand at the outlet of the pipe to avoid the sudden ejecting of concrete from the pipe.

In the process of concrete send, pump material should be kept on mixing axis, not sucking empty and non-material concrete pumping, avoid concrete with high speed flying out of the hopper and machine and nearby personnel.

⒐, if long time suspended concrete pumping, 1 time every 4 ~ 5 minutes to open pump, the pump is 2 ~ 3 scheduling is pump 2 ~ 3 schedule again, to avoid the tube concrete secrete water freezes. If the operation time of the stopped equipment is longer than 30 ~ 40 minutes (depending on the temperature and collapse degree), it is appropriate to remove the concrete from the pump and conveying pipe, and pay more attention to the concrete with small collapse degree. Vertical upward concrete pumping when concrete is interrupted and concrete is pumped again, reverse pumping should be carried out first, so that the concrete in the separation valve is sucked back to the hopper, and then the concrete is pumped forward after mixing.

10, in the process of concrete pumping, if the pressure of concrete pumping suddenly rises, or the pipeline has a vibration condition, should immediately open the anti-pump button, let pump anti-pump 2 ~ 3 travel arrangement, then close the anti-pump button to continue the concrete pumping; Wooden hammer can also be used to knock conical pipe, bend pipe and other easily blocked parts, if the continuous operation of several times, the concrete pumping pressure is still too high, must stop the operation of the equipment for pipe blocking treatment.

Concrete floor pump

11, concrete pumping process should often pay attention to the anti-wear hydraulic oil temperature, when the oil temperature rises to 70℃, should immediately stop the operation of the equipment, cooling treatment, so that the oil temperature can continue to pump.

⒓ pump operation, it is forbidden to handle knob stretch into hopper or by hand grasp distributing valve, the grid on the hopper shall not be removed at will.

⒔ shall not adjust the hydraulic system pressure, after the operation to release the pressure of the accumulator.

⒕ every time after the pumping concrete work, shall be immediately in the cylinder, the pipe, the remaining frame chassis on the concrete clean and rinse. In winter, the pump car should also be put clean water, so as not to freeze the parts.

⒖ must check after work, cleaning and maintenance equipment, be neat, clean, lubrication, safety.

16. Fill in operation and shift maintenance records carefully.

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