How should we clean the pump when it is working

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Clean the drag pump for high pressure washing

Towing pump

Towing pump workflow:


2.1 Debugging contents before use on site

(1) Repeat the pump debugging content of the manufacturer.

(2) The location of the drag pump should be flat and solid, especially the support of the leg. Concrete pump as close to the construction site as possible, and consider the exit route at the end of the job.

(3) Arrange and reinforce the conveying pipeline (external nozzle).

(4) Empty load operation for 10 ~ 20 min, so that each lubrication point is obvious grease.

(5) Medium displacement pumping mortar 1 ~ 2 m3, when the mortar quickly pumped, can be poured into the concrete, directly into the normal pumping.

Test pump, carefully observe each part of the work is abnormal. If the oil pump, oil temperature and main pressure gauge change, the frame pump should also pay attention to the action of the boom and the working condition of the engine. If there is any abnormal situation, it should stop immediately, find out the cause of the fault and then retest

Ground pump

2.2 Commissioning content before pump connection at the factory

(1) Personnel composition: 1 technician, operator and driver, operator is skilled worker.

(2) Read the instructions carefully.

(3) Check whether the concrete pump conforms to the model in the contract, and whether the certificate number is consistent with the nameplate number.

(4) Whether the appearance is satisfactory, whether there is leakage and oil leakage.

(5) According to the manual operation, determine the movement times of the conveying piston in large and small displacement. Such as Hubei construction machinery factory HBT60 pump small displacement 8±1 times/minute, large displacement 28±1 times/minute.

(6) Check whether the mixing system, cooling system and lubrication system are normal. The boom pump of automobile must also check whether the boom system, leg system and automobile part are normal.

(7) Run with empty load for 2 hours, check whether there is leakage and oil leakage in each system, during which the pressure gauge should be normal.

(8) Check whether all spare parts are complete and in good condition.

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