Tower concrete spreader

2023-02-02 13:00:48 Concrete pump trucks-factory-Truemax Read

Tower concrete distributor in concrete pouring equipment is a more classic, for the design and installation of this concrete distributor borrowed the principle of tower crane, then the characteristics of tower concrete distributor take a look.

Tower concrete spreader

1, the size of the tower concrete distributor, the length of the boom can be up to 51 meters, in comparison with other concrete distributor, tower concrete distributor is greater than the length of other equipment.

2, the installation method is also completely different from other cloth machine, to do a foundation on the ground to fix the standard section support, the installation method and the tower crane is the same, but also very convenient.

3. The tail of the tower concrete distributing machine is added with a counterweight block. The general hydraulic distributing machine does not need to add a counterweight block, but the tower concrete distributing machine arm is too long, and the balance is needed otherwise it is easy to lose the center of gravity and support point.

4, when the height is more than 50 meters, it is necessary to add a wall to stabilize the tower concrete distributor, so that the safety is stronger.

5. The climbing way is the same as the tower crane. The standard section is used for lifting height, which can be lifted with the height of the building.

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