Concrete pump truck pump cleaning method

2023-02-02 13:52:10 Concrete pump trucks-factory-Truemax Read

The conveying pump of the concrete pump truck has three kinds of water cleaning and discharge port elbow plug ball cleaning, concrete cylinder plug ball cleaning and ball free cleaning. Waterless cleaning includes compressed air cleaning, hose plug ball suction cleaning two methods.

Concrete pipe

1. Washing, it is required that the gap between the cutting ring and the eye plate (dish valve pump is the plate valve and the tie rod and the upper and lower wear plate) should be small, there should be a large amount of water, strictly sealed, so that the water after cleaning the ball does not penetrate forward. At the end of washing, pay attention to the water in the pipeline, do not flow to the concrete pouring site, avoid affecting the quality of concrete. This method is easy to operate, less dangerous, and more commonly used.

2. Gas washing, that is, compressed air blowing, it is to plug the water-soaked cleaning ball into the air washing joint first, and then connect with the straight pipe with the reducer, and connect the safety cover at the end of the pipeline, (the orifice of the safety cover must face down).

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