What causes the concrete pipe to burst

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Concrete pipe in the construction industry is more common, used for concrete transportation, we commonly used in the pump truck, ground pump, cloth machine and other equipment, in the industry often hear the explosion of pipe, conveying pipe why will burst, we together to understand the concrete plugging pipe.

Concrete pipe

First, under the long-term use of concrete conveying pipe, the friction between stones and fine sand and conveying pipe will cause the wall thickness to become thinner, the pressure of the pumping system is very high, the pressure of conveying pipe is also very large, when the conveying pipe becomes thinner and the pressure is too large, there will be the phenomenon of tube explosion.

Concrete pipe

Two, the pipe pipe blocking leads to tube explosion, after pumping the conveying pipe without cleaning the concrete inside, the concrete solidized close to the inside of the conveying pipe, increasing the resistance, the higher the pressure is greater, when the resistance and pressure is too large, the bearing capacity of the conveying pipe will be the bottom line, resulting in the pipe crack or burst.

When the conveying pipe bursts, there is a certain danger. When the material bursts, it is easy to hurt the staff around, so we often have to maintain and check the pumping equipment and conveying pipe.

Concrete pipe

Concrete pipe plugging should be treated as follows:

1) The operator of the pump truck shall carry out positive and negative pump operation, and other personnel shall look for the blocked part along the conveying pipeline. Once the blockage is located, pump it forward and back and strike it with wooden hammer, which may restore it; If not, immediately remove the section of pipe for cleaning.

2) If the judgment of plugging is not correct, it can also be cleaned in sections. If the concrete in the pipe begins to condense, all pipe joints should be opened immediately, and the pipe and pump truck should be cleaned quickly to prevent the pump pipe from being scrapped. But before removing the pipe, the remaining pressure in the pipe must be reduced to zero. The method is to loosen the pipe joint bolt and gently shake the pipe to relieve pressure. Find the blockage, reverse pump pressure relief, discharge the air inside the pipe, remove the pipe, remove the concrete. The cleared concrete mix should not be randomly scattered in the unpoured concrete structure in order to avoid affecting the overall quality of the concrete structure.

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