Concrete pump car daily maintenance of five skills

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Concrete pump truck daily maintenance of 5 content


(1) Butter is added to each transmission part of the boom, turret, leg and pump chassis. When adding butter, it must be sufficient, twice a month later, and twice a week for the fourth or fifth arm rotation.

(2) The washing room is filled with clean water over the piston rod. In addition, two liters of lithium base grease or waste oil are added in winter, and a certain amount of laundry detergent or dishwashing detergent is added in summer to enhance piston lubrication. Change as necessary.

(3) Shake the manual grease pump until the inner end of the mixing shaft, the inner side of the size of the bearing seat out of clean lithium grease. Self-lubricating reverse pump lubrication point oil stop.

(4) Before starting the train every day, remember to drain the hydraulic oil!

(5) Clean the vehicle, remember that the electric control cabinet, the driver's room can not flush, only wipe.

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