Structural analysis of concrete pump truck

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In addition to driving the pump car, the engine (power) of the concrete pump car also uses the power of the car engine to drive the working devices in the operation, and makes full use of the power of the car, but also some concrete pump cars because it is not easy to take the engine power of the car, or large, ultra-large boom (such as semi-truck train pump car) need larger driving power, The automobile engine cannot meet the requirements and an additional engine is provided to drive the special working device.

Concrete pump truck

The pumping device is a piston type concrete pump, and the hydraulic cylinder is used to drive the piston of the concrete cylinder for reciprocating motion, and the hopper and distribution valve cooperate to complete the suction and exclusion of concrete, so as to achieve the purpose of conveying.

The distribution device is an arm rack type, which can transport and pour concrete in a certain range of vertical and horizontal directions, reduce auxiliary personnel, reduce labor intensity, improve construction efficiency, and make the concrete pouring uniform, smooth, dense, improve the quality of concrete pouring.

In terms of structure, this concrete pump is installed in a cylindrical shell inside a screw rod, by the rotation of the screw rod to push the concrete at the bottom of the tank into the cylinder pump shell, the working situation is just like we use a small meat grinder at home, while feeding, while out. The difference is that the front end of the concrete pump without cutting tools and holes. Because of the special working conditions of concrete pump, its working object is mixed with cement stones, so the pump cylinder and screw must be caused by high hardness, high wear-resistant materials.


Furthermore, the components of the concrete pump truck are composed of the following four parts:

1. Vehicle pump body and chassis hopper.

2 Elbow type folding pipeline for conveying cement, the number of folding sections is determined by the conveying height.

3. The power part of the pump car, and its power part has two branches. One is to provide the part of the concrete pump that runs, if you use a motor, something like 40 to 60 kilowatts or more. The second is the hydraulic system that needs to hold up the folding pipe and that requires less energy.

The fourth part of the pump truck operating system and auxiliary equipment.

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