How to choose concrete ground pump

2023-02-02 14:02:33 Concrete pump trucks-factory-Truemax Read

Concrete ground pump

Usually users according to their actual needs of the project, can choose the height of the conveying distance, outlet pressure; According to the ability of mixing feed, you can choose the range of output side quantity; According to the aggregate condition of pumping concrete, you can choose the form of distribution valve.

S-shaped swing valve in the pumping process less pressure loss, smooth concrete flow, but limited by pipe diameter, higher requirements for aggregate, suitable for medium and high pressure pumps, high-rise buildings and concrete quality of high distance, high head transportation is very suitable.

Therefore, the general high-rise buildings mostly choose S - shaped pendulum valve.

Concrete ground pump is through the pipeline to rely on pressure transport concrete construction equipment, it can complete a continuous horizontal and vertical transportation, is an ideal existing concrete transportation equipment, it will be ready mixed concrete production and pumping construction, the use of concrete mixing truck for intermediate operation, can realize the continuous pumping and pouring of concrete.

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