What are the advantages of TRUEMAX Concrete floor pump

2023-02-02 14:13:24 Concrete pump trucks-factory-Truemax Read

Concrete floor pump Use large cylinder diameter, long stroke main cylinder, to ensure that the construction distance is high and farther.


2. Double pump, double circuit open hydraulic system, so that the system is simple, prolong the life of components, higher reliability, and easy to fault judgment and elimination.

3. Glasses plate, cutting ring and other wear parts, after continuous technical research, long service life.

4. Concrete floor pump electric control system outstanding characteristics: advanced technology, simple, high reliability. All electrical components are imported with original components.

Concrete transfer pump

5. For the design of key stress components such as hopper and S valve, the SEAS calculation program is adopted to conduct finite element calculation of subdivision network for their stress state, structural stiffness and stress concentration. The designed hopper and S valve have good structural stiffness and good process performance, avoiding the deformation of hopper and broken shaft of S valve during high-level transportation of similar products.

6. Take full consideration of simple maintenance and optimized design. Such as: replacement of S tube, do not need to remove the stirring seat, S tube using long chrome sleeve, etc.

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