What elements should be confirmed before installation

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Many construction industries have used the internal climbing distributor for concrete pouring, but a concrete distributor before the installation of what details and measures we should pay attention to, to prevent unnecessary things, Xiaobian and everyone together to discuss this problem.


Internal climbing distributor

The project to buy concrete cloth machine is to save time and personnel cost increase, a suitable for their own internal climbing cloth machine is to save personnel and time cost equipment.

So what kind of concrete cloth machine is suitable for their own?

climbing placing boom

Hydraulic distributor

New rural construction housing area and height are not high, in order to save the cost of equipment, only choose manual cloth machine.

Urban construction or high-rise building construction, at present many central enterprises and state-owned enterprises are using relatively high-end concrete cloth machine "hydraulic cloth machine" save people, time, high efficiency of concrete pouring.

But in the choice of hydraulic concrete distributor, we first have to consider the load and torque force of the floor, a hydraulic fabric body weight is still a component, so the selection of the type should also choose our floor can bear the hydraulic distributor.

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