What are the reasons for concrete ground pump plugging pipe

2023-02-02 15:35:21 Concrete pump trucks-factory-Truemax Read

1. The sand rate is small.

2. Aggregate grading is discontinuous.

3, slump is unreasonable, slump is too small or segregation.

4, pump operator illegal operation, to the concrete side of the water side unloading.

5, the pump pipe layout is unreasonable, too many elbows.

6. The pump pipe did not do shading measures in the summer high temperature season.

Concrete floor pump

Concrete ground pump through the pipeline to rely on pressure transport concrete construction equipment, it is equipped with a special pipeline, can be the concrete along the pipeline to complete continuous horizontal and vertical transport, is the existing concrete conveying equipment of a more ideal.

The continuous pumping and pouring of concrete can be realized by combining the production and pumping of ready-mixed concrete with the intermediate operation of concrete mixing truck. It is used for conveying concrete in other large concrete projects.

Concrete transfer pump

Concrete ground pump has flexibility, and the higher the height of the boom, the greater the pouring height and the radius of the fabric, the stronger the construction adaptability, in the construction should try to choose the high boom concrete pump truck. Boom length 46~66m conveying pump pump car is a large number of products on the market, accounting for about 75%.

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