Concrete towing pump operation check items

2023-02-02 15:53:04 Concrete pump trucks-factory-Truemax Read

Concrete truck-mounted pump

1 Check the position of the towing pump. In order to prevent the automatic sliding accident of the towing pump, the installation must be on a flat ground.

2 In order to ensure the normal transportation, feeding mode and capacity of concrete, it is necessary to check whether the pumping pipeline is installed correctly.

3. Check the oil level of the hydraulic tank and fill it up when insufficient. The hydraulic oil must be specified by the manufacturer to avoid trouble. Hydraulic fluid must be replaced every 500 hours or 1 year.

4. When working, if the temperature does not reach more than 20 degrees, it must be idled for a period of time before feeding and pumping.

5 Check the gap between the glasses plate and the cutting ring every day, and check whether the glasses plate and the cutting ring are damaged, notched, or cannot be sealed. If there is serious wear, replace them in time; otherwise, pipe blocking or other faults may occur.

If you encounter problems that cannot be solved, please contact the manufacturer directly for processing, do not blindly dismantle, rectify.

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