Changjiang Zhejiang Business Association

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In November 6, 2017, when the morning sun shone on the north shore of the Gulf of Hangzhou, the Jianshan new area of Haining was gradually outlined. Chen Jianhua, President of the Yangtze River and Zhejiang Merchants Association, came to the Zhejiang Rui Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd., to visit the machinery and equipment manufacturing industry to explore the "one belt and one road" experience. Transnational development opportunities of enterprises under the strategy.

In the morning, Chairman Ma Qun expressed his warmest welcome to the leaders from all walks of life. General Manager Yu Jun gave a detailed introduction to the company.

In the afternoon, the chairman and general manager of the company visited the company's products and production workshop in collaboration with all the participants. After the visit, they shared how the company developed under the strategic opportunity of "one belt and one road".

After listening to the company's introduction and development plan, Chen Jianhua, president of Changjiang Zhejiang Business Association and chairman of Zhejiang Nanda Investment Holding Group, put forward valuable opinions on the development of Pirui. President Chen mentioned that the machinery and equipment industry is closely related to the construction and development of the country. Pirui has already gained water in the overseas market, but also more importantly. We should pay attention to the domestic market, China's development of the western region, and enrich the comprehensive strength of the company, so as to prepare for the follow-up entry of Pirui into the capital market. Secondly, the traditional manufacturing industry often falls into the "olive" development mode, with excessive production capacity among enterprises, while product development and marketing are very weak. In order to make a breakthrough in the development of manufacturing enterprises, it is necessary to shift to dumbbell mode, increase investment in R&D and market, and accelerate the intelligent management of enterprises. Thirdly, manufacturing enterprises need to develop horizontally and develop other business models besides their own products, break through the industrial chain, cross-border cooperation and achieve win-win situation. Shi Guorong, Executive Chairman of Yangtze River Zhejiang Business Association and Chairman of Hangzhou Sanhao Real Estate Group Co., Ltd., expressed his admiration for Qirui's development in overseas market with the help of "Fengshengshui".