Automatic climbing distributor

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Automatic climb placing boom is the whole body hydraulic lifting system to provide climbing power to achieve the effect of self-climbing, in the conventional name is also called "automatic climbing fabric machine", then what are the characteristics of the automatic climbing fabric machine, why is used by many construction units?

concrete placing boomAutomatic climbing distributor

In concrete construction or other equipment are hoping to use intelligent or automated way, the more convenient the better, automatic climbing cloth machine is also counted as a kind of intelligent concrete equipment, when other projects are still using traditional pouring,

We have used the automatic climbing cloth machine is also a replacement of The Times, but also to promote the construction progress and construction quality.

When installing the automatic climbing machine, it is generally installed in the floor opening or elevator shaft, so that it is convenient to operate in the later stage of climbing, and it is safe to climb on the floor or on the frame, which is much more time and labor saving than manual movement or tower crane movement.

The arm of the automatic climbing cloth machine has a high degree of flexibility, which is as flexible as a mechanical arm, and it has obvious advantages compared with the traditional cloth machine.

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