placing boom how to choose

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At present, the market fabric machine manufacturers are many, how we should choose the right fabric machine manufacturers is crucial, 

concrete placing boom

1, from the concrete placing boom of concrete fabric machine price;

2, product model development and production efficiency;

3, the size of the manufacturer and after-sales service and other aspects of the decision.

Price: Xinrui concrete spreader according to all types of fabric radius to divide the price is moderate, suitable for a wide range of groups.

Model: We have tube type inside climbing machine, elevator shaft inside climbing machine, floor inside climbing machine, mobile cloth machine, truck type cloth machine, boat type cloth machine, tower type cloth machine, prefabricated beam special cloth machine, mold frame type cloth machine. Models are complete to choose from, and a lot of research and development costs are invested in innovation every year.

Quality: The cloth machine produced by Xinrui cloth machine manufacturer is the 700 high-strength steel of Baosteel in the material we use solid material, and we pass through layers of checks in the production process.

Factory size: Xinrui Heavy Industry plant area, covers an area of 50,000 square meters. Is a focus on theconcrete machinery industry, concrete machinery product research and development, design, manufacturing, marketing in one of the construction machinery manufacturers and high-tech enterprises, the company has advanced technical equipment, high quality and efficient management team and perfect management system. The company will invest 5% of annual sales in scientific and technological innovation and product development, tireless in the research and application of new technologies of concrete machinery. In terms of production and operation, we fully introduce lean production management mode, and continuously improve the reliability and stability of products through advanced production equipment, testing equipment and strict product quality management.

After-sales service: After sale, it is a guaranteed concrete distributing machine manufacturer, which can guarantee the maintenance work of concrete equipment in a timely manner, so that users have no worries in a short time, and can also ensure the normal operation of the project, which will not affect the progress of the project, and provide users with a guarantee.

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