placing boom column features

2023-04-08 12:41:45 Concrete pump trucks-factory-Truemax Read

placing boom columns are mainly meant to be safe and convenient when climbing. Placing boom columns will be placed very differently when climbing. They will effectively form a fixed link with the floor.

placing boom column features

1. Safe climbing: the column is made of sheet metal with good toughness for bending and welding. The higher the strength of sheet metal, the stronger the safety will be.

2. Fast climbing: The column adopts hydraulic automatic climbing system, which is used for convenient use. Therefore, the climbing system of the column should conform to the concept of fast climbing.

3, column weight: column in the design should also consider the overall weight, not the heavier the better, the more light toughness is better, so it is better, because our floor bearing weight may not meet the requirements, so now are lightweight design.

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