Advantages of truck-mounted transfer pumps

2023-04-08 10:05:17 Concrete pump trucks-factory-Truemax Read

The advantages of Truck-mounted transfer pump in a number of construction sites can be used to come and go freely, efficient construction, the following points can explain the advantages of the vehicle transport pump!

Truck-mounted transfer pump

1, convenient mobility, in the desert or relatively remote construction site, the ordinary transport pump needs the car to move, no power system function, can only use trucks or other tools to assist, truck-type transport pump because of the power system can be more convenient to reach the construction site.

2, diesel power pumping is more practical, in the desert or inconvenient power supply often happens, then the diesel version of the transmission pump is a high-quality choice, really can do on demand effect.

3, the construction volume is large, the conveying pipe of the vehicle conveying pump is larger than the general concrete conveying cylinder, the size of the conveying cylinder also determines the conveying volume.

Therefore, the vehicle transport pump can be said to be a simplified version of the concrete pump car, with the use of the cloth machine is an infinite height pump car.

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