Concrete pump truck pipe damage judgment

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When concrete is transported, there are often pipe bursts or slurry leakage. When things happen, we will make up for them. At that time, we will waste time and a lot of concrete, because concrete will solidify within a certain time after it leaks out.

Concrete pump truck

In fact, we can predict whether the conveying pipe should be replaced. Many people judge from the square quantity of concrete, which is not accurate. We all know that the concrete type is different, and the loss is different.

How should we judge? Xinrui Heavy Industry to share with you.

Concrete pipe

Generally, experienced manufacturers will tell users to use percussion pipe to judge whether there is a problem. We have known a problem since childhood, that the sound of thick metal is different from that of thin metal.

So it is more direct and effective to knock the conveying pipe to judge the wear degree of the conveying pipe.

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