Concrete pump truck commonly used models

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The specification length of the concrete pump truck is divided into different pump cars, respectively: 43 meters, 49 meters, 52 meters, 63 meters, different pump cars will also be based on the length, width and height of the chassis requirements, such as 49 pump car configuration unchanged, optimize the design of the boom, adjust the overall layout, and then launched 63 meters of concrete pump truck.

concrete pump truck

Pump truck is divided into:

According to the height of the pump truck, concrete can be divided into: broken boom, long boom, super long boom. Usually, the length of the boom is 43 meters to 63 meters, and the most common pump cars on the market are more than 63 meters.

The selection of concrete pump truck is based on the concrete project object, characteristics, requirements of larger throughput, large transportation distance, concrete construction plan and specific conditions for comprehensive consideration.

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After-sales service, because of its special function, safety, mechanical properties, manufacturers of after-sales service and spare parts supply requirements, to avoid failure, affect the progress of construction.

Concrete pump car must be operated correctly, as well as maintenance, so the use of life will be extended, without professional permission, must not make any impact on the machine and safety modifications and additions.

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