The use of concrete spreader

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Concrete distributor is a new product to expand the scope of concrete pouring and improve the mechanization level of pumping construction. It is the auxiliary equipment of concrete conveying pump, which is connected with concrete conveying pump and expands the range of concrete pumping. Effectively solved the wall casting fabric problem, to improve the construction efficiency, reduce labor intensity, played an important role. The cloth machine design is reasonable, the structure is stable and reliable, using 360° full rotating arm frame fabric structure, the whole machine is simple to operate, flexible rotation, with high efficiency, energy saving, economic, practical and other characteristics.

Beam making and distributing machine

Concrete distributing machine (cloth rod) other types of fixed concrete distributing machine: specially designed and produced for the construction of railway beam making yard, nuclear power and other engineering concrete pouring distributing equipment; "Z" shaped three-section folding arm, and "R" type folding arm, 360° rotation, can pitch and flex amplitude, in the length range of the boom to achieve three-dimensional space full range of pouring, no pouring dead Angle, can easily achieve wall, pipe, column, pile and other construction operations of concrete pouring; Internal climbing concrete distributor is a high - rise concrete construction of the fabric equipment.

Internal climbing cloth machine

The distributor is fixed in the elevator shaft, equipped with automatic climbing mechanism, the use of hydraulic cylinder jacking, automatic climbing in the elevator shaft, so that the distributor rises with the rise of the floor, saving time and effort, high efficiency; Shipborne concrete distributing machine is a special shipborne distributing equipment for the construction design and production of harbor, wharf and other projects.

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