Operation safety of concrete pump truck

2023-04-06 13:21:51 Concrete pump trucks-factory-Truemax Read

The operation of concrete pump truck is also a technical operation. Many projects are operated by on-site teaching personnel. Many safety precautions may be ignored, leading to the occurrence of accidents.

concrete pump truck

1. Ground leveling selection: When the concrete pump truck arrives at the project site, it should first find a position with enough space leveling, so that the concrete pump truck can be placed smoothly.

2, leg expansion: the four legs need to be fully developed in place, not part of the side, so that the force of the vehicle is not uniform, there will be collapse when pumping.

3. Surrounding obstacles: When selecting the operation position, it is necessary to observe whether there are obstacles or wires in the surrounding environment to prevent the boom of the concrete pump truck from touching. There have been many similar accidents, please pay attention to them.

4. Concrete pump truck boom recovery: when the boom recovery has a high height, if the boom is not recovered in place, the height will be higher, so that it is easy to meet the wire, bridge and other height limits in the driving.

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