Working principle of concrete towing pump

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Concrete floor pump

Concrete drag pump principle is actually relatively simple, rough principle is relatively simple, just like a syringe, suction in and then play out. Two concrete tanks, one sucking and one beating, work alternately.

First of all, the material is to get into the mixing tank, the mixing tank is driven by a motor to operate, and the mixed concrete is poured into the hopper. The material in the hopper to enter the conveying cylinder, the conveying system relies on the hydraulic system to provide power, through the cylinder to promote the conveying cylinder, a suction a send, the concrete pump out.

Concrete floor pump

Concrete mixing pump is composed of concrete mixing and pumping two as one professional equipment. The components mainly include hydraulic system, control mechanism, stirring device, reducer, cleaning system and so on. The working principle is that by taking out the power of the engine of the force device, the variable pump of the hydraulic system will be driven, and the mechanical energy will be converted into hydraulic energy to the quantitative motor. The motor will drive the reducer, and the reducer will drive the mixing cylinder device to stir the tank concrete, and then the conveying system will pump the concrete.

The mixing drum is a container for loading concrete. In the process of feeding and transportation, the mixing cylinder is rotating, and the concrete moves along the blades. At the time of discharging, the mixing cylinder is turning backwards, and the concrete is discharged along the blades.

In fact, its work is very simple, as long as reasonable use and regular maintenance, there will be no failure.

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