Concrete cloth machine how to construct cloth

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Concrete distributor

(1) Before setting the concrete distributor, it should be confirmed that there is enough working space on the site. The safe distance between any part of the concrete distributor and other equipment and structures should not be less than 0.6m.

(2) The supporting surface of the concrete distributor should be smooth and solid. The support of the fixed concrete distributor should meet the requirements of the use of the specification, the support structure should be designed and calculated, and the corresponding reinforcement measures should be taken.

(3) Manual concrete distributor should have reliable anti-overturning measures.

Distributor price

(4) The rotary speed of the manual concrete distributor should be slow and even, and the length of the traction rope should meet the requirements of the safe distance.

(5) The discharge port of the conveying pipe should be lm away from the concrete pouring surface, and should not be buried by concrete.

(6) Personnel shall not stay under the boom.

(7) When the wind speed reaches 10 8m/s or above or heavy rain, fog and other bad weather should stop operation.

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