What is the site cloth machine

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Site construction fabric machine is mainly for concrete pouring a kind of mechanical equipment, in the market is often seen more conventional construction fabric model number and style, in fact, there are many types of construction fabric machine from the traditional fabric machine to the current more advanced intelligent fabric machine have, so what are the construction fabric machine?

Hand distributor

Manual construction cloth machine is also a kind of concrete pouring equipment used more, more suitable for small area pouring or small building construction, in the case of sufficient personnel and not in time, manual construction cloth machine can meet the needs of construction. Pouring range: 12 meters, 15 meters, 18 meters.

Electric construction fabric machine

Electric construction cloth machine is also filled with manual construction cloth machine evolution, the motor driven rotation system instead of artificial traction, the structure of the relative construction cloth machine is just added a motor drive system, in the construction type or manual type cloth machine is restricted, model: 12 meters, 15 meters, 18 meters.

Hydraulic construction distributor

Hydraulic construction cloth machine can also be called: intelligent cloth machine, is also relatively high-end concrete equipment in the market at present, full hydraulic drive operating system, remote wireless remote control, R-type folding arm free extension and flexibility, known as: can climb pump truck, concrete pump truck loading structure principle, climb on the floor,

Break the traditional concrete pouring way, strengthen the construction safety and construction efficiency, complete models can meet a variety of project construction.

Mobile cloth machine 13 meters, 17 meters, 21 meters

Truck type cloth machine 17 meters, 21 meters

High-speed iron beam making and distributing machine 19 meters

Mold frame cloth machine 21 meters, 24 meters

Internal climbing cloth machine 28 meters, 32 meters, 33 meters, 35 meters

Tower type distributor 38 meters -51 meters

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