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In the construction of the cloth machine is an indispensable kind of concrete machinery equipment, in the market construction cloth machine there are many kinds and models, according to the different construction projects using the corresponding construction cloth machine, let's understand these equipment and models.

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Manual construction cloth machine is currently more traditional concrete placement equipment, the use of artificial cloth and traction, suitable for small buildings or residential construction project construction, relative to cheap, horizontal boom movement, belongs to a small construction cloth machine, models are: 12 meters, 15 meters, 18 meters.


Electric construction cloth machine is a strengthened version on the basis of manual construction cloth machine, in the support seat and arm with motor rotation, compared with manual cloth machine is much easier, the overall design and manual cloth machine is similar, models are: 12 meters, 15 meters, 18 meters.

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Automatic hydraulic construction cloth machine is also relatively high-end concrete construction equipment at present, the concrete pump truck loading structure principle, equal to the concrete pump truck pumping function to move to the floor operation, is also the effect of learning from each other, make up for the height and position of the concrete pump car can not be involved,

Remote wireless control, R-type folding arm beyond the range of traditional concrete pouring equipment and construction efficiency, the model is more complete than other concrete pouring equipment.

Mobile cloth machine: 17 meters, 21 meters

Truck type cloth machine: 17 meters, 21 meters

Beam making professional cloth machine: 19 meters

Mold frame cloth machine: 24 meters, 28 meters, 32 meters. Thirty-three meters, thirty-five meters

Internal climbing cloth machine: 17 meters, 24 meters, 28 meters, 32 meters, 33 meters, 35 meters

Tower cloth machine: 38 meters to 51 meters

In the selection of construction to follow up the project situation selection, automatic hydraulic construction cloth machine is more suitable for high-rise buildings, super high-rise, sea bridge and other complex construction projects with high requirements.

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