What are the reasons why the boom pump car is easy to block the pipe

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In the construction of the pump truck blocked pipe is a very troublesome thing, not only delay the construction period, it is also very troublesome to solve, and even accompanied by the occurrence of dangerous situations. Pay attention when driving the pump car, try to avoid plugging things. Generally, the reasons for pipe plugging are as follows:

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1. The operator is not focused

Concrete pump truck, mixing day pump integrated machine operators should concentrate on pumping construction, always pay attention to the reading of pumping pressure gauge, once found that the pressure gauge reading suddenly increases, should immediately reverse pump 2-3 stroke, then positive pump, pipe blocking can be excluded. If the problem cannot be solved in time, it is recommended to remove the pipe.

2. Improper selection of pumping speed and oil pump displacement

When pumping, the choice of speed is very key, the operator can not blindly map fast, sometimes haste makes waste. Select low displacement at the beginning of pumping, and increase the pumping speed appropriately after normal pumping.

Concrete pump truck

3, the amount of residual material control is not appropriate ‍

When pumping, the operator must observe the remaining material in the hopper at any time, the remaining material shall not be lower than the mixing shaft, if the remaining material is too little, it is easy to inhale air, resulting in pipe blocking. Hopper material can not be piled too much, should be lower than the fence, in order to timely clean up coarse aggregate and oversized aggregate. When the collapse degree of a car of concrete is small, the remaining material can be lower than the mixing shaft, controlled in the "S" pipe or suction inlet above, in order to reduce the mixing resistance, swing resistance and suction resistance.

4, concrete collapse spent hours to take improper measures ‍

When it is found that there is a bucket of concrete collapse is very small, can not be pumped, should be timely concrete from the bottom of the hopper, if the desire to save trouble, forced pumping is easy to cause tube blocking. Do not stir with water in the hopper.

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5. Long downtime ‍

If you wait for the concrete period, you can leave more material in the hopper, let the mixing shaft continue to rotate, 15 minutes or so to pump a concrete, in order to prevent plugging pipe. For long down time, has already set concrete, not pump operation.

6, the pipe is not cleaned ‍

After each pumping, be sure to clean the pipeline according to the operating procedures. If the last operation is not cleaned up, it is easy to block the pump pipe with sand and stone.

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7. The cause of mechanical failure ‍

If the pumping pressure is insufficient, the pump system pressure can be checked by holding the cylinder to see whether it reaches the pressure value (the general pumping system set value: 30MPa);

Pipeline tightness, if it is connected to the pump pipe, concrete water is allowed to leak a little, after the mortar is blocked basically no problem;

Check the sealing of glasses plate and cutting ring. If the parts are broken, it is recommended to replace them. If not, tighten the S-tube nut to increase the sealing.

8, pumping concrete quality problems

Concrete stone recommended not more than 4 cm;

Concrete strength is generally controlled between C20-C50 (concrete pump truck, mixing day pump integrated machine should be designed and developed for the rural market, because the use of C60 and above strength concrete for high engineering requirements, fast speed, pump itself can not meet the large displacement of pumping operations)

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Requirement of collapse degree: between 180 and 230; When there is a sign of pipe blocking or the collapse degree of a car concrete is small, it should be pumped at a low speed to eliminate the pipe blocking in the bud.

See so many reasons for the above blocked pipe, is not a little afraid! In fact, these are small probability events, as long as you always maintain vigilance, pay attention to the abnormal changes of the pump car itself, keep "eyes and ears", the blockage problem can be completely avoided.

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