The steel structure of the core tube of the first high-rise building under construction in Guangxi ushered in the 100-metre barrier

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On November 20, 2016, with the lifting and positioning of the 14th steel column of the core tube, the core tube steel structure of the East Office Building of Nanning Huarun Center, the first high-rise building under construction in Guangxi, formally entered the height of 100 meters. This high-end office building in southwestern China formally took the first step to welcome the vast sky. As the steel structure installation contractor of this project, China Construction Steel Structure Co., Ltd. has fully developed the enterprise quality of "iron bones, benevolence, steel structure future" of China Construction Steel Structure under the conditions of tight time limit, heavy tasks and great construction restrictions. It overcomes many difficulties and continuously shows China Construction Steel while fulfilling the contract perfectly. Structural clanking iron bone.

The reporter learns from the scene that the building height is 445 meters, which is the first tall building currently under construction in Guangxi. It adopts the reinforced concrete core tube + concrete filled steel tube frame mixed structure system with reinforced layer, three floors underground and 90 floors above ground. The building area is 287,000 square meters, and the total steel consumption is about 36,000 tons. The overall structure is novel and the shape is unique. The key construction projects of Di (Nanning) Co., Ltd. are planned to be put into operation in 2020.

Nanning Huarun Center East Office Building Project, as a key construction project in Guangxi, leads the development of high-end office buildings in southwestern China. As the contractor of building steel structure installation, Zhongjian Steel Structure Co., Ltd. will continue to uphold the excellent corporate culture and make every effort to ensure the perfect performance of the project, further demonstrating the brand influence in Guangxi market.