concrete placing boom safety matters

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In order to ensure the safety of the concrete placing boom and avoid personal or equipment accidents, the following rules must be strictly observed, and the relevant safety rules of the tower crane should be strictly observed.

1、 When the wind speed exceeds 13.8m/s (level 6 wind), it is strictly prohibited to work. When the wind speed exceeds 7.9m/s (Level 4 wind), do not install and disassemble the cloth machine.

2、 The distributor should keep a certain distance from the high voltage wire.

concrete placing boom

3、 End pouring hose must be tied with safety rope. The maximum length of the end hose is 33 meters.

concrete placing boom

4、 The end hose must be in a natural overhanging state and must not be bent or inserted into the concrete.

concrete placing boom

5、 No one is allowed to stand under the boom when the cloth machine is working.

concrete placing boom

6、 Operators should be able to see the entire scope of work, if there is a line of sight, should be guided by others.

7 、Do not lengthen the boom.

8 、Do not open the pipe joint when there is pressure in the pipe.

9 、Do not remove the end hose so that the boom is connected to another rigid conveyor line.

10、 If the concrete pipe is damaged, the same type of steel pipe (outer diameter × thickness Φ133 × 4.5mm) must be used.

concrete placing boom

11 、Do not change the direction of rotation when the boom is not stopped.

12 、The two arms are not allowed to move continuously, and the other arm should be operated after the shaking of the tower body stops.

13、 The pressure of the hydraulic system shall not exceed 16 MPa.

14、 When the work is finished, the forearm must be closed and the power supply must be cut off.

15、 The cloth distributor is not allowed to lift objects.

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