32m concrete placing boom Installation procedure

2023-10-05 13:06:20 Concrete pump trucks-factory-Truemax Read

When the concrete placing boom is transported to the project site, it is necessary to check the configuration list and spare parts list to prevent missing or missing, and do not be unable to install due to the absence of a certain part. What steps are required for the installation of the concrete spreader?

concrete placing boom

1, according to the needs of the project can choose different installation methods for fixed climbing, floor climbing installation, elevator shaft climbing installation, mold rack installation are more stable and safe ways.

concrete placing boom

2. When installing the base and column of the concrete placing boom, first fix the base on the foundation, use welding or bolting to fix the base of the spreader, and then bolt the column and base.

3, the cconcrete placing boom machine installed rotating support base and column bolt link, in the link rotating support must ensure that the base or column firm to prevent the column slide, modular assembly of the entire fabric structure.

concrete placing boom

4. After the base of the concrete placing boom machine is installed, the boom is hoisted and linked, and the stability can be checked after the boom and base are assembled with a pin.

5, after the concrete placing boomof the installation of the concrete spreader debugging work, to ensure that there is no problem during construction, in the concrete spreader operation to check whether there is oil leakage or abnormal sound, check maintenance and adjust the spreader.

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