concrete placing boom characteristics

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1. Comparison of fabric radius:

Hydraulic fabric radius: 13-51m

Manual fabric radius: 10-15m

2. Scope of construction:

concrete placing boom: folding, construction without dead Angle, horizontal and vertical can be moved

Manual distributor: horizontal boom, fixed height, greatly affected by the field pipe column reinforcement; All pouring parts need to be dismantled and taken over

3. Manual configuration:

concrete placing boom: normal operator 2 people

Manual cloth machine: 4 operators, disassembly, takeover personnel 4 people

4. Construction safety

concrete placing boom: remote control operation, safe construction

Manual cloth machine: simple structure, rope pulling, there is a hidden danger of throwing arms, easy to cause bump, burst mold

5. Service life

concrete placing boom: more than 10 years

Manual cloth machine: generally 1 site is scrapped

Safe and efficient, improve economic benefits

Hydraulic cloth machine cloth range is large, the operation is flexible and convenient, do not need to other pouring methods as the need for workers to constantly load concrete back and forth or frequently disassemble, connect the transmission pipe, reduce labor intensity, reduce safety risks, reduce labor at the same time, greatly speed up the concrete pouring speed, shorten the construction period, improve economic benefits.

concrete placing boom

Improve the quality of concrete construction

In the process of large-area concrete pouring, it often takes a certain amount of time to transport concrete through the hopper and frequent disassembly and takeover, and the concrete is easy to lose water and affect the quality. However, the hydraulic distributor can achieve continuous pouring, and can eliminate shrinkage, cracks, segregation and other factors affecting the construction progress and construction quality.

Avoid damage to the structure

In the past, when pouring concrete, due to the high pressure of the fixed conveying pump, the pump pipe vibrates back and forth on the surface of the platform when conveying concrete, which is easy to leave hidden damage to the structure after the initial setting of concrete to the final setting.

After the hydraulic distributor is used, the hydraulic distributor does not contact the template and does not cause vibration to the template, which can avoid damage to the structure.

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